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A vital part of your vehicle, and a part that shouldn’t go ignored and that is your brakes. Be confident when it comes to your cars’ safety and conduct a brake inspection with our experienced mechanics. We are able to inspect all makes and models, including commercial vans, checking the condition of your brakes. For many drivers, the wearing of the brakes can go undetected. This is where our team can help!

Squeaking or juddering

Many drivers often connect the wearing of their brakes to a squeaking sound that occurs when the brake pedal has been applied. While this is true and a common occurrence, there are other important signs to look out for. Have you applied the brake pedal and have noticed a shuddering, or perhaps a pulling to one side when slowing your vehicle? These are all signs that indicate an inspection is required, but also a repair is needed to improve your safety when behind the wheel.

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Honest and impartial advice

At CJ Watson, you can be confident that our friendly and reliable mechanics will be able to sort out the problem you are experiencing. We promise to always offer our honest and impartial advice in every situation, to ensure that we provide you with exactly what is needed for your vehicle. During any kind of inspection and repair, the team in Elstree use only the highest quality repair parts which are recommended by your manufacturer’s specification.

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Are you unsure about the condition of your brakes? Be sure to bring your vehicle down to CJ Watson in Elstree for a trustworthy and friendly service. Our team are able to repair your brake system, ensuring that you stay safe on the road. Book your brake service at CJ Watson today by using our online booking tool. You don’t even have to worry about entering any payment details online as you’ll only need to pay once all the work is complete.

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